Downtown Kitchen Declutter

I worked with Taylor for about four hours on decluttering and cleaning the kitchen she shares with her roommate in Downtown Spokane. Her goal was to enjoy and more frequently cook healthy meals for herself and friends. We started cleaning and decluttering from the highest shelf and worked down to the cabinets. Items were consolidated, donated, discarded or recycled.

Kind words from Taylor:

“I have a beautiful kitchen space with my roommate, but neither of us are the most organized and have a tendency towards clutter. I found myself eating out more than I could sustain and not feeling the joy and comfort of cooking healthy meals for myself and others in our space. Sometimes it takes a professional set of eyes to illuminate the simple solutions that now have our kitchen more ergonomic, simplified, and beautified! Celia was a great help in taking it all apart, finding what was needed (and what could be donated or tossed), and arranging our tools and supplies in a pretty and logical way. I have been cooking much more and feeling a lot better in this part of our apartment ever since! She is fun, knowledgeable, fast, and truly gifted at this work.”

t kitchen 1This main back wall of the kitchen is what is initially seen when looking in. The food items in the top right shelf were hidden in a cabinet and replaced with less used mixing bowls and cook books.t kitchen 4Paperwork on top of the counter was sorted, and items from the top shelf were returned to previous owners or donated.t kitchen 2Counters can become a catch-all for items without places. After sorting and consolidating items and giving them meaningful locations, Taylor was left with a clear counter ready to help with dinner preparation! t kitchen 5Rows of jars draw less attention than the large bulkier items in the before photo on the shelf under the stairs.t kitchen 6These two shelves directly to the right of the stove are precious real estate for items used most often. I had Taylor pull out things she uses most while cooking and they were moved to these shelves while less used dry goods were moved to the shelf above the counter (see above photo).t kitchen 3The unique spice rack tucked behind a window was cleaned and tidied. File May 18, 12 16 25 PMThe rest of the photos below are after shots. This floating shelf between the kitchen and living room spaces creates a visual divide. It is a resting place for less used items since it is harder to reach. It looks and functions best with simple glass jars and decorative kitchen items to keep the eye and energy moving between the spaces. IMG_2065I love that the bowls and plates are stored on an open shelf above the stove. It makes serving dinner very convenient. File May 18, 12 15 29 PMIMG_2099The counter space next to the fridge is clear and ready to be used.IMG_2064The industrial vibe of the apartment is strong in the kitchen. I love the use of metal, salvaged wood, lighting and interesting features from the building.File May 18, 12 17 23 PMIMG_2066File May 18, 12 49 44 PMThe decorative wooden box stores tea and tins hold baking items.IMG_2083Cooking corner.File May 18, 12 14 27 PM

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