Second Bedroom: Guest Room Side

This week and next week I’m finally revealing the design of our second bedroom. It serves as a guest bedroom and home office for me. Here are design moments I styled and shot with a mixture of my own things and items from Target. View the Second Bedroom: Office Side here.IMG_6839This shows the view into the bedroom from the hallway. I inherited this vintage wash stand from my Bubby (grandmother) and it fits perfectly in the rooms entrance nook.IMG_6735The magical orange duvet cover and pillow shams are from Anthropologie.IMG_6637What a dear little jade clipping from a friend’s plant. I’m going to pot it soon.IMG_6822I clipped a few lilac branches from our alleys bush and they were my favorite part of this shoot. They smell amazing and look full, elegant and effortless in any large vase or pitcher.IMG_6655Also played around with greenery.IMG_6644Vertical shot so you can see the entire wash stand. I store belts and scarves in the drawer and extra decor items in the cabinet below.IMG_6630The wall hanging is from Target and I like how large it is.IMG_6650IMG_6656Artwork by my talented friend Lauren Gilson.

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