Second Bedroom: Office Side

This week reveals my home office part of our second bedroom. If you missed the first part of the room check out the Second Bedroom: Guest Room Side post.

I’m so proud of my home office. It has come a long way, from blank walls and no storage, to an artful and productive working wall, perfectly scaled storage solutions and streamlined decor. IMG_6737I found a small table to hold the printer for $6.50 at DNLs Rustic Treasures. The white storage drawers were found for $10 on OfferUp, a great app to buy and sell used items locally.IMG_6706Decorated with all items from Target. IMG_6771Organic, woven pillow adds texture and comfort.IMG_6739A moment is captured on this ever-changing working wall. A significant increase in my productivity is because I took time to design this working wall. My creative space and tools were crammed and out of sight. As a designer, I thrive off having visual stimulation that is colorful, yet simple and varied. I needed to take the goals and everyday tasks out of the closed pages of my planner and onto the wall where I can see, change and work with them as often as I want.IMG_6677I bought the bulletin and white boards from Target. My workflow has changed since adding this small weekly planner because it allows such flexibility. I enjoy changing the tasks each week and feel accomplished when I check items off.IMG_6758The bulletin board provides a motivational and beautiful resting place for my eyes to take breaks from looking at the computer. There are four squares of paper on the bulletin board with long term hopes and dreams. IMG_6783Flowers from my neighbor Bea’s garden.IMG_6798I love having my scissors and ruler, two items I use all the time, up on the wall. The items are functional and they are serving in a creative way. IMG_6671Just in case I forget where I work 😉IMG_6742The small part of the wall that comes into the room creates a gallery column where I hang prints from clips.IMG_6686Having a place to store regularly used books and folders on the desk is crucial.IMG_6766IMG_6754The two prints on the right make more of an impact because of the rooms architecture. It is quirky features like these, unique to every home, that make interior design fun and challenging.IMG_6668The top print was free at Spark Central in Kendall Yards and the bottom is from an HDG Architecture portfolio book.IMG_7156The paper holder on the white drawers below the desk is perfect for smaller pieces used weekly like stamps and return labels. I also store a small everyday journal in the holder.IMG_6803This quote is motivation behind my business. IMG_6708IMG_6675My friends apartment has a photo string and I was inspired to include one on my office wall.IMG_6698

One thought on “Second Bedroom: Office Side

  1. looks great celia and you are so economical and still able to make things beautiful and practical. i thought you were in alaska? is the internet that good this year? do you have that much free-time? much love and give your parents and Devin my love. We are off to Peru to trek in the Andes tonight.
    xxxx Aunt Shelley


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