Healthy Home Tip 3: Sentimental Items

Sentimental items are different for everyone. I try not to pass judgement on myself or others for keeping these items. I might think an item is strange for another person to hold on to and that is ok because I don’t know the story, reason and memories behind why they are keeping it. I’m sharing the stories behind three sentimental items I’ve let go of. Hopefully you will be inspired to let some of your items go, while remembering that doesn’t mean letting go of the memories and feelings.File Jun 13, 2 40 54 PMTwo small mugs I inherited from my Bubby (grandmother). I wasn’t using them because I have a favorite mug that is a lot bigger. I was hanging onto them because they are so cute and reminded me of Bubby. I gave them to Devin’s sister who has four young girls so I know they are being reused. Since letting these mugs go, I’ve parted with even more mugs leaving space in the cabinet for the easier access of the remaining mugs.File Jun 13, 2 35 10 PMHow funny that I was connected to a piece of string! I had this string looped around the handle of my bedroom closet. I would get very particular about having it hang evenly so I would adjust it sometimes after using the closet doors. I kept it around because it connected me to a class I took that was similar to artistic parts of my childhood education like painting, knitting and sketching. I decided to let it go because I have memories and journal entries from the class and I don’t need a physical reminder.File Jun 13, 2 30 57 PMI bought a pair of these antique crystal lamps in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia when I was in middle school. They have been staple decor pieces throughout the many different room redesigns I’ve done. I was only using one in my bedroom because I have another lamp more suitable for my office. I decided to let go of one of the lamps. The reason I was not letting go of one lamp was because I thought “they are a pair, they have to stay together!” I’m happy I became ready to break up the pair because now there is more room in storage.


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