Downtown Loft

Location: Spokane, Washington

I hope this isn’t too many photos for a home tour and I hope you’ll stick around to the end of the post because this loft is amazing. I am so grateful my friend let me take these photos to be able to share with you! Creating content for the Home Tours section of the blog is so special and I’ve got some more great tours coming up.IMG_5462The entrance is down the hall on the right.IMG_5738View from the entrance. A bedroom space is divided with openings into the main living space.IMG_5530Entrance hall printsIMG_5534IMG_5624Hard wood floors, exposed brick and ductwork are strong architectural features of this loft. IMG_5311Living space flows into dining and kitchen.IMG_5715I may or may not have climbed onto the base of the fire place to get this shot 😉IMG_5339Organic texture is added through the gray blanket and throw pillows.IMG_5496I love ladder shelves.IMG_5606IMG_5609IMG_5422The living space. I get a Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol vibe from the use of primary color throughout the space. This photo shows those colors through the red vase, aqua table and yellow accent cabinet.IMG_5415It’s a bonus if the home tour I’m shooting has pets. I love capturing animals in interior spaces.IMG_5474IMG_5433Right angle view into the kitchen.IMG_5401The rug creates balance between classic and contemporary. IMG_5445Kitchen detailsIMG_5377I love the reflections on the dishwasher.IMG_5621IMG_5366The red rug centers the dining table and grounds that area with color and pattern.IMG_5447IMG_5480Twinkle lights throughout the space is amazing.IMG_5515This ladder shelf is filled with games.IMG_5387Love the placement of this plant and lanterns above.IMG_5404IMG_5488IMG_5510IMG_5525These trees can be turned into Christmas trees in December. My mom has one and we enjoy decorating it each year.IMG_5357IMG_5362Amazing design moment happening on this wall.IMG_5349I love the way the light is hitting the sofa. You can see how soft the upholstery is.IMG_5587IMG_5727IMG_5344Track lighting gives a museum feel. IMG_5340IMG_5548IMG_5553The bed is their favorite spot to nap.IMG_5581Had to show you the bathroom even though it doesn’t get natural light because it’s perfectly simple.IMG_5576IMG_5741IMG_5575Heart map of Spokane in Washington state.


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