Healthy Home Tip 4: DIY Bouquets & Greenery

You don’t always have to buy flowers; use nature and make your own DIY bouquets or greenery. This will save you money, gas (because you don’t have to drive to the store to buy flowers) and plastic (because usually store-bought bouquets come with plastic or other disposable items). I find arranging bouquets to be a fun, creative outlet. I’ve gathered pictures from flower bouquets and greenery I’ve made over the past year for this post. All of these flowers were either picked from my garden, yard or alley, or my neighbor or friends yard. Some of these photos are from the Credenza Creations series I designed last winter and I included photos from that series that I haven’t shown before. IMG_6532Bright purple tulips from my yard. Doesn’t take many flowers to make a statement. IMG_2556Greenery gathered from a friends yards pops against the white vases. This is the Scandinavian Credenza Creations style. The white vases are from Dania Furniture and the grey bowl is from Bowl & Pitcher. Bowl & Pitcher is an online store founded by two women who are friends and live in Spokane. The store’s name is a nod to the dramatic rock outcroppings in Riverside State Park. The store features carefully curated kitchen and home goods that are simple yet timeless and elegantly crafted. I love looking through the website for inspiration. Thank you to Jill & Sylvia for letting me borrow items!IMG_7110White flowers make a sweet little kitchen bouquet. I got this vase from White Lavender, one of my favorite local home goods stores in Spokane.IMG_6639Greenery in our second bedroom and office. I put that little jade start in water until it sprouted roots. Since this photo I’ve potted it and it has tripled in size. If you want to see more photos in this room check out the Second Bedroom: Guest Room Side post. IMG_5985I love this design moment happening on my credenza. This is the Kitchen Influence Credenza Creations style. All the items here except for the mirror are from Bowl & Pitcher.IMG_3218The small succulent is a fake plant from Dania Furniture so ignore it for this post. The greenery in the glass vase lasted weeks without water. Clipped branches that can last without water are perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to change decor and attend to higher maintenance flowers. This is the Minimal Scandinavian Credenza Creations style. IMG_3224I love the way these sharp green leaves look with the white wisps. IMG_6881When lilacs are in season they make the perfect statement bouquet. The cute hand-towel and pitcher are from Target. IMG_2115This sage grows like crazy in our alley. The basket and hat are from World Market. This is the Simple Boho style from Credenza CreationsIMG_7109This space between our couch and credenza creates the perfect spot for larger plants or flowers like these irises. The stool, which I handmade in eighth grade, isn’t quite tall enough so I gathered books to give the vase and flowers a taller height. IMG_6531This is the one photo in this series that shows a purchased plant! I wanted to show that when you buy or grow living herbs they can become part of your decor. Beautiful and functional: the ideal design solution. IMG_3614Making flower arrangements is messy business- leaves and flower petals get everywhere and sometimes flowers fall off that are still in excellent condition. I love having a small vase for flowers and leaves that might be otherwise forgotten. IMG_1749One flower from our hollyhock plant blossoms in the small vase.


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