Devil’s Thumb Ranch

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Location: Tabernash, Colorado

Devin and I met my mom and dad at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado, about 2 hours west of Denver for our friend’s wedding. It was a dream vacation and wonderful ceremony. Mom and I took a yoga class, we all went hiking, there were chocolate chip cookies at all the reception desks, our bathroom had a clawfoot tub. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually stay in hotels. When I travel I stay with friends or I camp, so this experience was quite a luxury.

I included a couple pictures of me, which I don’t usually do on this blog. Hope you enjoy the photos below!dt 1Rolling hills evoke the clouds above. This bright, brisk day was perfect to view the mountains in the distance. The ranch itself is 6,000 acres and is surrounded by acres of wilderness. There are multiple buildings that make up the resort with restaurants, gym, spa, pool, all the amenities, plus there are multiple places you can stay including cabins in a secluded area.dt 2The hotel is decorated in a rustic, country, western style. There is a lot of wood throughout the multiple buildings: a common material to tie all the spaces together, broken up by metal accents and chic lines. Our room was quiet, calm, had a spectacular mountain view and our private porch looked out on the grassy area where the wedding reception was held.dt 3The perfect place to unwind after fun days of hiking and a night of dancing. The three panel horse profile brings in the western style and is balanced by the modern light fixture. Western style art shows up throughout all the buildings that I went into on the ranch.dt 4Sink faucet in our bathroom. The wood frame mirror feels very rustic.dt 5This was the gorgeous backdrop to the ceremony and also a great place to take pictures.dt 6The wedding reception was beautiful, classic, and feminine with lots of pink accents throughout the space. This place-setting is just a small sample of the detail that went into turning the large room into a fairytale. I wish I captured more high quality photos but I had fun without my phone that evening.dt 7My mom and I =) dt 8A hallway in the yoga/spa building is the top left photo. The yoga studio on the right was filled with light, space, wood, and serenity. They offer complimentary yoga classes to guests and mom and I were the only ones so we got a private class. The sweeping mountain views in the yoga studio was my favorite part.dt 9We went hiking one afternoon and had fun exploring a small portion of the trails.

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