Vintage Romantic Living Room Redesign

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Here is the second redesign of our living room! This blog post shows how the living room looked before.

IMG_6123This design is more neutral and organic compared to the last living room designIMG_6040My friend, interior decorator Diane Holm of White Picket Fence taught me how to make these paper hearts. I stapled them to brown twine and hung two rows above the credenza to give that wall some texture.IMG_6042This extra big pinecone was one of my favorite items on the credenza for a while.IMG_6052I switched up the lamp position from the far right to the far left, which creates a cozy spot to read on the couch.IMG_6085The new gallery wall has fewer pieces of art and take up less space, allowing for the paper heart garlands.IMG_6104I love these bright colors.IMG_6095The two pieces on the right are my Bubby’s marker drawings from school. I trimmed them down and framed them and they look so nice. You can see the typewriter caption on the bottom piece, I love how old they are! IMG_6068My friend Lauren gave me the yellow piece of art in the middle. I love how the color ties in with the lamps.IMG_6108IMG_6026I keep the Himalayan Salt Lamp on top of the credenza and it is always on. When the salt lamp is heated, usually with a night light bulb or candle, it releases negative ions. Negative ions help cleanse the air of positive ions which are released by our electronic devices, TV’s, computers, etc. Salt lamps have a warm soothing glow that helps make any room feel relaxing for yourself and guests.IMG_6047Dried flowers and greenery are a nice replacement when fresh flowers are in short supply during the winter months. Check out this blog post for simple DIY bouquets and greenery.IMG_6056IMG_6069Our living room isn’t huge but it works for us now. I love the open space it does have and how perfect my furniture fits!

Subscribe to receive occasional design and decluttering take-aways and business updates!

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