Model Home Interior & Exterior Selections

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I work as an Interior Design Consultant for Terra Homes LLC and this blog post will start to show you what one of those projects looks like. I’ve shown some of the selection process for this model home on Celia Friedman Interior Design’s Instagram stories. I saved them to the story highlights as “Model Home” so check those out if you want video from this project.

I wanted to collect all the interior and exterior selections I did in one place so you can get a full picture of the house! This is the first model home that I’ve chosen everything for, AND the first home I will get to see built before my eyes with all the selections I did. Here’s a sampling of the selections I did, which are laid out below with lots of pictures:

  • Finish materials: Flooring, floor and wall tile, fireplace surround, door and cabinet metal finish
  • Fixtures: Interior and exterior lighting and bathroom fixtures
  • Colors: Interior wall and trim color and exterior colors

Keep in mind that I was limited to picking selections within the standard options and budget for Terra Homes. Steve, my point person at Terra Homes, wanted this home to feel modern, but not too modern, and appeal to their younger buyers.

exteriorExterior Color & Stone Choices

The design concept for the exterior was to make it fit with the interior. Since it is a model home people need to get a sample of what it’s going to look like on the inside while viewing the house from the curb. I guess you could say designers instinct told me I wanted a blue front door. From there I chose a light sand for the main house color, complimented by darker trim. The gables are accented with a blue-gray color. The stone is darker to ground the house and mixes warm and cool colors to tease the interior.

main floor finishesMain Floor Interior Selections

The flooring and cabinets were the first selections made for the house. After the dark cabinet finish was selected a lighter, rustic floor was chosen to compliment with a traditional feel. The kitchen backsplash is my favorite part of the kitchen because it adds an fun, interesting hex texture and brings in the gray color to keep the house feeling fresh. The granite was selected after the backsplash which really narrowed down what I was looking for. The builder grade granite I chose checked all the boxes: lighter to contrast the dark cabinets with some gray to tie in the backsplash. The granite and backsplash mimic the concept for this house: traditional (beige granite) mixed with fresh modern accents (gray backsplash). The granite has an overall beige tone and the picture is to small to see but it has flecks of gray and darker flecks that match the cabinets. The fireplace tile also mixes warm and cool tones just like the exterior stone and is dark to contrast with the light wall color.

upper floor finishesUpstairs Interior Selections

The upstairs carpet is everywhere except the two bathrooms and laundry room. The carpet color was chosen to work with the upstairs bathroom and laundry room vinyl and master bathroom floor tile. All the upstairs bathroom granite is the same as the kitchen. The vinyl is dark with warm and cool tones and mimics a traditional slate pattern. The master bathroom is definitely the most modern and it was a lot of fun to design! The master bathroom shower wall tile is glazed porcelain that looks like marble. The tiles are 10×14 and will be installed vertically with a half offset and dark grout. The clean, classic marble look of the tiles will feel contemporary with a vertical install. The master bathroom floor tile is 12×24 and is a light gray concrete look with a minimal pattern. The focal point of the master bathroom is the shower tile and the dark vanity so the floor and backsplash were chosen to support the space and not draw much attention. The backsplash is in both bathrooms and in the horizontal shower niche, which is the only accent tile in the master shower.

lightingInterior & Exterior Lighting Selections

I also had so much fun picking out the lighting and mirrors! All of the light fixtures are Progress Lighting and the mirrors are Uttermost. Terra Homes works with HomeStyles Lighting so I used their website to chose lighting from many different manufacturers. The lighting is sleek and modern and will give the traditional build of the house a fresh feel. The master bath mirror will compliment the gray tones prevalent in that bathroom and the powder bath mirror is simple and traditional to fit with the pedestal sink in that bathroom.

int paint colorsInterior Wall & Trim Color

I color-matched the standard wall and trim colors Terra Homes had previously been using from Sherwin Williams to Rodda Paint. These colors will serve as the standard wall and trim colors for all their houses moving forward.

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