Sora’s Office Refresh

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While visiting my Aunt Sora in Brattleboro, Vermont I helped her declutter and decorate her office. Sora works at the School for International Training (SIT) and she recently moved offices. The move provided a perfect opportunity to refresh her office decor and declutter items she didn’t want anymore. I’m so happy I was visiting during this transition and had such a great time helping her settle into her new office. Scroll down to watch the video I put together showing the before and after process that I’m pretty proud of!

desk viewWe hung the bulletin board low on the wall to the left of her desk for easy access. Her desk and back table were minimally styled with some of her favorite motivational items and we made sure to leave out the items she uses the most.

seating viewThe before photos show the boxes and bags we started with. They were filled with decor items and some books.

art viewI had the most fun creating the mixed media gallery wall and seating area! The prints and photographs are some of Sora’s most treasured pieces from places she’s traveled to. I loved hearing the stories behind each piece.

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These photos show the work behind creating the gallery wall! I like to lay everything out on the floor in front of the wall where it will be hung so I can really get a sense of how to balance all the pieces. The first arrangement left out one of the pieces, the second arrangement was too structured, and the third arrangement is almost the final one.

IMG_2151We started by hanging the biggest two middle prints. When hanging a gallery wall it’s important to stay flexible and hold up each piece before pounding in the nail. After the first two pieces were hung, we held up the ones to the left and then hung the four small pieces on the right from top to bottom. We ended up switching the clock and the white piece framed in wood for practical reasons. The brushes were put up last and voila!

IMG_2164Sora said, “I had been in my old office for 13 years and was sad to leave it, but Celia helped me create a new workspace that is fresh yet still familiar and functional.”

IMG_2161I love adding a little something extra to a gallery wall to make it mixed media. The brushes from South Korea were the perfect items to add to this arrangement.

IMG_2159Her art ended up working together perfectly with fuchsia, blue and neutrals as the coordinating colors.

Enjoy the video I put together! I’m building up Celia Friedman Interior Design’s YouTube channel so let me know if you want to see more videos like this! I love how it’s like a mini makeover show.

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