Minimal & Comfortable in Colville

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Location: Colville, Washington

Devin has friends and family in Colville and we visit the area every so often to see them and go camping and hiking. Colville is just an hour and a half north of Spokane and the drive is easy and really pretty so I don’t mind making the trip. Devin’s friends invited us over for an afternoon of snacks and coffee and they had the cutest home. Of course I couldn’t resist asking to take photos for my blog and they obliged! This home is minimally styled with a few accent pieces that bring in color and comfort. With large windows on both sides of the house, the living room, kitchen and dining areas get flooded with natural light.

IMG_4262Both of these chairs are gold! I love the vintage style, subtle color palette and velvet texture.

IMG_4246Chalkboard welcome sign right by the front door.


IMG_4230Small bookshelf in the living room. The clean lines of this lamp make it an excellent accent piece.

IMG_5152I love looking at what people choose to hang on their walls. Art is magical and I don’t think any space is complete without it! I’m feeling the texture and color in this globe print.

IMG_4221Keeping with the minimal theme, the bookshelf in their guest room is simple yet balanced.

dust and tiff side

IMG_4300We talked for a while, played games and had coffee, what a relaxing afternoon!

IMG_4272Succulent on the kitchen window sill.

IMG_4303How amazing is the view from their backyard?!

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