Teen Girl’s Bedroom Declutter

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I worked with Nikki for several months to declutter and reorganize her daughter’s room. The main goal was to declutter and organize everything in the room, especially her art supplies and make sure she had space for future creative projects.

Kind words from Nikki:

“I had a great experience working with Celia Friedman helping me declutter and reorganize a room in my house. I had a project that took full advantage of her organizing and decluttering skills but also required some emotional sensitivity. We were working on my daughter’s room, which included many moments and other stuff from earlier years. We sorted through the years of collected items and with Celia’s patient help I only cried once, and mostly just got down to business and sorted through with purpose and clear focus. I could not have done this work alone, it was too overwhelming. Now my daughter has the most organized, decluttered room in the house. When we do have to clean up her room, because of the organization and labels that were created with Celia, it’s quick work. The time spent on this work also helped me develop the “muscles” to do similar decluttering in other parts of my house. In two years we plan to downsize dramatically to a cohousing development and I will most certainly call on Celia’s services again to tackle other complicated areas of my house. This was money well spent!”

bedroom closetWe started with the main surface in the closet as seen in the picture above. Nikki wanted the surface to be clear to provide a place for folding clothes. We put pencils, markers and other drawing materials into the yellow bin and put all of the new and partially used journals in storage containers.

PRO TIP: Storage surfaces like this are easy to start piling the “things you’ll get to later” or the “things that don’t have a place” on. If you want to declutter a surface like this you need to 1. Have a clear goal and motivation for why you want to change (Nikki wanted it to look better and provide a surface for folding clothes) 2. Declutter everything on the surface. Take everything out of the space and go through each object one at a time to decide if you want to keep, discard, recycle, donate or store it somewhere else. 3. Clean the surface then organize the remaining items so they are easy to use, stored in specific places, and grouped together and labeled if needed. 4. Regularly maintain problem surfaces when things start getting out of control. Now that you have clear organization in place, these maintenance sessions shouldn’t be a problem!

catch allOne of my main organizing guideposts is that everything should have a place…and that place shouldn’t always be “the random drawer for things I can’t decide where else to put.” Going through catch-all drawers is one of my most favorite areas to go through with clients. Seeing their mindset transition from being scared or overwhelmed by the drawer to realizing they don’t need most things in it is really rewarding!

Most items in this catch-all drawer got donated or put somewhere else that made more sense with where they are used. Now it is left to store a few important but random items that really don’t have another place.

built in shelvingNikki ended up donating a lot of books so we were able to consolidate the rest of the books here, along with other items.

bulletin boardNikki installed this shelf between our sessions so her daughter could have a place to display special items. We cleaned up the bulletin board and now that corner is a great little display area.

built in storageNikki let go of many old stuffed animal and legos that were filling most of this built-in storage cove and weren’t being used anymore. The legos got consolidated into two small bins and we paper clipped lego directions together.

computer desk progressI knew Nikki was going to buy her daughter a bigger desk but in the mean time we decluttered this desk to prepare for a fresh, new work surface.

computer deskSince the magazine rack wasn’t being used I suggested taking it down to clear up wall space in this corner. We experimented with moving the bunk bed to this side of the room but ended up moving it back because her daughter liked the original layout better. The new desk fit nicely in this cleared corner.

under the bedRandom items under beds can trap dust and weigh on the mind. Since beds are places for peaceful rest I’ve found that clients are disturbed and overwhelmed if they have too many things under their bed that they forget about and are hard to access. It was really satisfying to declutter the stuff under this bed, the feeling in the room became more clean and free!

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