Apartment Declutter Series Part I: Office

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The apartment declutter series is from my old apartment but I have projects I haven’t shared yet and still want to!

Currently, I’m living on my own for the first time in a two bedroom apartment with exposed beams in the living room (drool). I’ve painted and stained the cabinets so far and there’s more remodeling projects ahead. I always share when I’m decorating a new room! If you want to see my new place and follow along on that journey, hop on over to Celia Friedman Interior Design’s Instagram because I share my new apartment on stories. The highlight “Apt Reno” has the saved stories.

Apartment Declutter Series Background:

After going to a live podcast recording show with the Minimalists I decided to do a full house declutter and let go of anything that wasn’t essential to my daily life, activities and happiness. Hearing the Minimalists helped change my mindset and I was able to let go of much more than I ever had in the past. They said something that really woke me up. They said to ask yourself “why am I scared to let this go?” Something about that way of looking at decluttering helped free my mind from wanting to keep certain things that I wasn’t able to let go of before.

Decluttering and decorating my office was a big job. First, I decluttered and organized the hallway closet. This action made space for things I had on my desk that I wasn’t using enough to justify keeping out. Watch the video below to see the entire process!

Want more office?! This post shows my home office styled a little differently with photos I took.

Watch the multi-day office declutter and design process on Celia Friedman Interior Design’s YouTube channel.

The photos below were taken by the lovely and talented Kayleen Michelle. Scroll through to see the office styled and sparkling clean! Also there’s some photos of me at the bottom =)

Thank you for the photos Kayleen!














The office also has the guest bed! Click here to see the guest room side of the second bedroom in my old apartment.

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One thought on “Apartment Declutter Series Part I: Office

  1. Hi Celia, thanks for sending, I enjoyed reading all of this.  I smiled at all the Ekuk references you have up, and I liked best the picture of me showing you how to pick a fish out of the net when you were a little girl.  I wouldn’t mind having a copy of that picture, if possible.  Love, Dad

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